Things to keep in mind while Switching from Android to iPhone

You are making a great choice if you have decided to switch your smartphone from Android to iPhone. You must have been using Android for long enough to accumulate a decent no. of apps. Along with that good collection of photos, videos, calendars, and contacts. The question is how can you transfer it your new phone now. Before attempting to switch from Android t iPhone, First thing to ensure is all your existing phone’s information is backed up- use either cloud service, or microSD card or transfer data over to the computer for keeping it safe. Migrating from Android to iOS doesn’t work 100%. The best way to move your information from the Android to iPhone is with the help of Apple’s move to iOS app. Make sure the storage is enough on your phone to handle the data of your Android and memory card. Before beginning, ensure that both the phones are adequately charged.  Join the same WiFi network, and you are ready to start.


If it is a brand new iPhone and you are setting it up for the first time, look for the Apps and Data screen. Click “Move Data from Android.” If you have finished settings on the phone, its best to erase the device contents and start over, Settings>General>Reset>Erase all the content and the settings. While setting up the iPhone, there will be an option at the bottom of the Apps, and Data screen is saying “Move Data from Android.” Now, Open up the move to iOS app on your Android device and follow the induces, until you are asked for a code. On your iPhone, click “Move Data from Android” and wait for a numeric code. Enter that code on your Android device, and you will be induced to select what you would like to transfer over to iPhone.

What content is transferrable

The most important thing about moving from one smartphone to other is to make sure that all the data comes with you when you change. Below is the guidance, what data can and what cant transfer and how can we do it.

The Music

It is one of the primary things that people usually care about. The good news is that it is entirely possible to transfer your music. If the music on your phone is DRM free, add music to iTunes, and  sync it to your iPhone. If music has DRM, you may need to install an app to authorize it. Some DRMs are not at all supported on iPhone, So if you have got a lot of DRMed music, then please check before switching. Windows media files cant be played on iPhone, so it’s better to add them to iTunes or convert them to AAC or MP3.

Videos and Photos

Another thing that is most important to many people is their photos. No one wants to lose hundreds or thousands of priceless memories just because of phone changing. Syncing the content of your phone is the key. If you have synced the photos from your Android phone to photo management program, you will be able to move it to your new phone. If you have Mac, sync the pictures to Photos, and all will be fine. There is a no of photo management programs available on Windows.


There is noticeable difference between the two types of phones. iPhone apps do not work on Android and vice versa. Any app you have got on Android cant come to iPhone. Many Android apps have the iPhone versions or replacements that do the same thing.  There maybe iPhone versions of the required app, Your app data may not come with them. You may lose the data, keep a check.


It would be painful if you had to retype all names, contact information and phone numbers in your address book when you switch. There are two ways to transfer the contacts

First, sync your Android phone to computer and make sure that contacts are entirely synced to Windows Adress Book or Outlook Express on Windows.

Second, store your address book in cloud-based tools like Yahoo Address book or Google Contacts.

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