Steps to Find UV Index of Location on iPhone or iPad

If anybody wants to know the UV index of your current location, then your iPhone or iPad can easily tell you the UV Index of anywhere you are, even you don’t need any additional application.

But all you need do is to use the default Weather application for iPhone or iPad, and with that, you can simply check the UV Index of current location anywhere in the world, or even where you are currently located at that moment.

As you already may know the default Weather application for iPhone or iPad has an expanded weather details section which can be accessed by scrolling down, and amongst the detailed weather essentials now resides the UV Index as well. Here we will help you in finding that where you can find the information:

Below is the step by step guide of finding the UV index of the current location, but try to follow the steps in ascending order to avoid troubles and saves your time and efforts. The steps are mentioning below-

Steps to See the UV Index of a Location with iPhone or iPad Weather App

Here is the detail information that how you can see the UV Index of any place, location, or destination, straight from the iPhone:

  1. Click to open the Weather app on the iPhone or iPad
  2. Now, the iPhone or iPad Weather app will automatically load for the current location, but alternatively, you can easily swipe to access the location of elsewhere you would like to check the UV Index of current location*.
  3. Click to scroll down on the Weather app location screen to disclose the extended weather information.
  4. Now, wait for the UV Index to see the UV index information or data for that location.

Now, you can know the UV Index of a location, and so that you can be more prepared with sunblock, sunglasses, hats, a welders mask, solar panels, or any other UV disclosure precautions that you want to take. Or maybe you only want a tan, then in that case finding the highest UV Index of a destination which may appeal to you.

However, you can also use the cool Spotlight Weather search trick to type any location name and then clicking on the Spotlight search result option. And it will directly open the location in the Weather application where you can easily find the added details, including the forecast, and UV Index, but without having to insert any further locations to the Weather app.

And in any case, if you were wondering, regardless of some other weather info then you can easily get from Siri about a location upon the request, unusually enough UV Index is not amongst from those available weather details.

*You can also add a new or any current location to the Weather application list by clicking on the little three lines button which is appear in the bottom right corner of the Weather app for iPhone or iPad, and then you need to scroll all the way to click on the (+) Plus button to complete it.

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