Get a Look at No Man’s Sky’s Big Multiplayer Update in Action

In 2016, when sci-fi game “No Man’s Sky” launched, at that time it was one of the most anticipated games of this generation. The developer of a Hello Games will now boast that every element of the game from the rocks to the fish would be generated procedurally for the players quiet than the tailor-made by the creators. People also believed that it would be the ultimate game that you could easily explore with their friends. It wasn’t exactly the case at the time but a fact that caused the pervasive disappointment. But after two years, an update will promise that finally, it will help in realizing part of what actually the fans were fantasizing about in the first place.

Primarily, the players even could not directly meet up in No Man’s Sky: some of the users would need to relate with things that other players had to discover across the universe. And the Players would also try to meet up, only to find that they were occupying almost the same space on the same planet without being able to see each other. In the later updates, some players could also share bases with one another, and also leave each other messages, and ultimately talk to another if any certain situation were met. However, it was not correct multiplayer: some other users existed as floating orbs which could only talk and nothing more else.

On 24th July it will change with a No Man’s Sky’s update codenamed “Next.” By this users will be able to see the bodies of other players which only mean that the user can explore spaces together, both on foot and also in the skies. It all depends on the trailer that was probably released today; it appears like the players will be able to engage in the dogfights together. Yet, this is the biggest update by the Hello Games, and it is wholly free to anyone who owns the game.

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