Why Microsoft Office 2016 is Proving a Productive Suite of Programs for All?

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of those important applications bundle that gives more meaning to your digital life and tasks associated to it. Even it is very important program that need to be there on the device of an average computer user. Seeing the need of the users, Microsoft developed and announced this bundle of programs for the masson September 22, 2015 which was successive version of Office 2013 with interesting and productivity-enhancing differences. Time and again, Microsoft included wonderful benefits and keeping the promises that it made to deliver with time be it meeting the expectations of delivering convenience and comfort that a cloud-based, mobile-ready productivity suite delivers. Office 2016 has always shown promising performance and here are few things that keeps it ahead in the competition.

Co-authoring in real-time

Co-authoring is an old feature that you may has seen in many Office apps, but making it possible in real-time is essence that MS Office 2016 brings. Means you and your co-conspirators will be able of seeing each other’s contribution in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation irrespective of the fact which device you are using and where you both are.

SharingOneNote notebook

Being one of the most useful yet least appreciated, OneNote is there for your help in tasks such as sharing a OneNote notebook with as many people as you want. It can  be proved very useful for a team working on a common project because OneNote works with text, worksheets, emails, images,and just about any other document type that one can think of.

Ease of sharing document

For making the job of sharing the documents easy, Microsoft has added Office a Share button to the upper-right corner of the Office 2016 apps. You can share your document with the people of your contacts list by just clicking that button without leaving the document.

Clearing clutter for Outlook users

The job of wading through the Outlook inbox and prioritizing each emails becomes hectic and time consuming if you get a ton of email every day. And ultimately it trade upon your productivity. Because of the same reason, Office 2016 included a new category called Clutter to your inbox triage toolbox that helps you in designating certain emails as low priority and in future, similar emailsautomatically will be deposited into a Clutter folder in Outlook. So now Outlook mail have four categories for email: important, clutter, junk, and delete.

Smart attachments

Sending the emails with attachments is a very common practice now-a-days. In earlier versions of MS Office,you need to navigate to the location of the document where it is stored to attach it with email which is still there in Office 2016, but in Office 2016, you will see the document in question in the list of documents in the Outlook if you have worked on it recently.

Better version history

Understanding the complexity of collaboration and creativity,Office 2016 compensates for potentially lost ideas. Shared documents change drastically over time and Office 2016 keep past versions of documents and one can find them under the History section of the File menu by directly accessing Office applications.

Addition of new types of charts in Excel

It has always been an excellent and powerful ability to visualize data with an Excel chart which has been updated. Several new chart types have been added to make the Office 2016 templates list long including Waterfall, Histogram,Treemap, Pareto, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

Power BI

Microsoft invested a lot of its time and capital in acquiring technologies to invigorate its business intelligence and analytical applications before releasing Office 2016. As a result, it has successfully bundled a powerful analytical tool called Power BI with its Office 365 subscription. Owing the need of knowing every little and essential detail about how business is running, Power BI can bring it all together for Office 365 users.


Office 365 subscription has one more new tool known as Delve which can be better understand by considering it a central location that allows to access everything what you have created, shared, or collaborated on using Office 2016.

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