How to Share Pages, Keynote or Numbers File using iCloud

Apple has made our lives really easier. iCloud has some wonderful uses. One of its uses  is that if you use Pages, Keynote or Numbers on your iOS devices, then anything you make can easily share what you created. Well, there is one more good news, the person you share the documents with doesn’t need to have iOS devices. All they require is a web browser.

How iWork Works?

Well, If you have ever dismissed Apple’s productivity apps as unsuitable, then you are misconceived. Features of iWork apps now represent a learning curve. Let’s be clear, Pages is for word processing, Numbers is for creating spreadsheets and keynote is for generating presentations. Apple has even though improved iWork apps over years but sadly it has also removed some good features in the process too. Some cool and popular features are making a comeback soon. 

How to Share Keynote, Pages and the Number files from iPad and iPhone?

  1. Go to the file in Pages, Keynote or Numbers on your iPad and iPhone that you want to share.
  2. Tap on the Share button in upper right edge.
  3. Select Share Link via iCloud from drop down menu.
  4. Click on method you want to use for sharing it.
  5. iWork will itself place iCloud link.
  6. Enter anything else you want to add and forward your message further.

How to Share Pages, Number files and Keynote from Mac?

  1. Go to the files in Numbers, Pages or Keynote that you wish to share.
  2. Tap on the share button in the topmost menu bar.
  3. Select option for Share Link via iCloud.
  4. iWork will itself insert the link.
  5. Enter anything that you wish to tell the person who is receiving this document.

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