How to Read and Generate a QR Code?

We always have in doubt that how deserted and under-treasured QR codes have been. In an epoch where the mobile have been kings, something impressive like a QR code might be a boon to someone who wants to deliver their entire information. As they are easily printable and sometimes when you want to make QR codes then is a complete breeze for everyone.

This blog article will explain to you what actually a QR code and how to easily read them, and how to make them easier for the users.

About QR Code

We all aware with a regular barcode look. And it is one of the usually found on stuff that you would buy from the supermarket.

Basically, a QR code is fundamentally one more form of the barcode where you can easily put in different types of information. However, when any person scans the QR code, then they easily get access to complete information that you have entrenched in there.

What Can Be Put On a QR Code?

As we all know that QR codes can be put to various uses, so here we discussed a few of the many things that you can easily use it.

  • Google Maps links for businesses to easily attract the customers or maps links for forager hunts.
  • Embed Wi-Fi password into a code. So that any of your friends want to connect with Wi-Fi, then they easily scan QR code.
  • Easily links to your applications on the Google and Apple App Stores.
  • Create Paypal pay links directly where any person will be easily taken to the PayPal page to pay for your product.
  • Embed your Skype ID or Phone number. Any person is scanning the code with their phone then they can immediately call you.

Steps to make QR Code?

Sometimes, when you put the “Make QR Code” into the Google, then it will come back with numerous pages of online services. However, the best is always QR Stuff option. And to start the process, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. The steps are discussed below:

  1. Firstly, click to open QR Stuff
  2. Select “Data Type.”
  3. Now, various options appear on the screen, choose a related option

Note: due to the introduction of the topic we choose website URL option

  1. Enter URL, you want to embed within the code
  2. Now, choose QR code different color, normally the codes are black and white in color, but you can choose only if you want
  3. Next, when you choose any color, then your barcode also change in real time
  4. Now, you can get your code
  5. Then, click on the Download QR code option

Finally, you will have it on your computer system, and though the QR code can be put onto business cards, T-Shirts, flyers, Websites, stickers and many more.

Steps to Read QR Codes

You have now got that glossy new QR code on your system; here we will tell you about the scanning procedure and about all the tools that you need.

  1. First, use your Smartphone with a QR code scanner app.

Note: If you use Chrome, then the Chrome phone app already has a built-in QR code scanner

  1. To use the Chrome one on iOS:
  • Put Chrome widget on your screen
  • Click to open it
  1. Click on the Scan QR code
  2. Now, your phone camera will automatically open
  3. Now, spot the camera at the QR code
  4. Finally, the information contained on it will automatically activate

Don’t have Chrome, Try it via App Store

There are several of QR readers from which you have to choose. Here we also provide some selections from the iOS App Store. We highly recommend you to choose the Quick Scan app. However, it’s a very old and trusted application until the Chrome brought out its own QR code scanner.

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