Guide to Starting Firefox in Safe Mode

Firefox is one of the most popular web browser daily used by several people around the world.It is commonly used to surf and interact with others with the help of internet.It is faster as compared to other browsers. A user can learn to restart the Firefox into the built-in “Safe Mode”. The user can restart Firefox into Safe Mode by using the computer keypad shortcut. A user should remember that Firefox could not be started in Safe Mode on phone and tab.

Method 1. Rebooting Mozilla Firefox into Safe Mode

  1. Launch Firefox. Hit or twice-press the Firefox application icon, it looks like an orange fox enclosed around a blue globe.
  2. If a user is not able to launch the Firefox and due to any reason unable to get started in the Safe Mode, he or she can skip ahead to the Windows or Mac method.
  3. Press Menu icon– Just at the top-right corner of the Firefox page user can see this. After clicking on it, a drop-down list will be visible.
  4. Press Help. The user can see this option below the drop-down list.
  5. Press Restart with Add-ons Disabled.At the top of the “Help” section of the pull-down list.
  6. Press Restart when prompted. It will close Firefox.
  7. Press Start in Safe Mode when prompted. It will prompt Firefox to re-start in the Safe Mode.
  8. Review the browser’s performance.When the Firefox’s problem disappear in Safe Mode, check if there is any other problem with the add-ons which he or she has installed.
  9. Disable add-ons if necessary by selecting menu icon, press Add-ons, and selecting the Extension button, after then select Disable or Remove to the right of an add-on. It will give the two option to the user to turn off or delete from Firefox.
  10. A user can reset the entire browser to its default setting by selecting Restart with Add-ons Disabled, selecting Refresh Firefox when prompted, and then choose Refresh Firefox when required. This way all of the user’s browser setting and add-ons will be removed.

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