A Complete Guide for Checking Messages on Instagram

Are you new on Instagram? Do you want to send or check messages on your Instagram account? This guide will teach you about how to check the messages for sending a reply.

How to Check Messages on Instagram Application?

  1. Go to the ‘Instagram app’ on the iOS smartphone.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Go to the appropriate account if it is essential. 
  4. In the topmost right-hand edge, click the mail icon.
  5. You will be at  Direct inbox of Instagram.
  6. See the messages in the inbox.
  7. Unchecked messages will show you a blue dot.
  8. Click any message to go the message or the conversation thread.
  9. Take help of the message field plays media buttons.
  10. Send replies.
  11. In the top left-hand edge, click arrow icon.
  12. It will make an exit from the inbox, and you will be back to the feed.

The process of checking out the messages on the web.

Unluckily, in the web version of Instagram, there is no direct feature of messaging. Instagram doesn’t even provide direct access to a message on the web. It has specific third-party platforms that run the management — platforms such as Iconosquare. None of the third party platforms is legitimate. Users may finish compromising the Instagram account.

Insta Application on Windows

The only exception may be the official Insta app, that is for the windows. Even if you own a Windows PC, then this app can be downloaded. You can enjoy receiving and sending direct messages via it. You can also submit posts, videos, and photos, that too directly from the feed.

Finding hidden messages.

Instagram has allowed people to send direct messages. You may not be knowing about it. Just like Facebook auto filters unwanted messages, Insta also does the same, it hides specific messages from the inbox. Don’t worry; you can find those messages easily.

Follow the below given steps to find out the hidden messages on Instagram:

  1. At the uppermost right hand of the Application, Click the Inbox icon.
  2. Users may also swipe towards the right.
  3. If there are some hidden messages, then a small blue bar would appear.
  4. It will be at the top of inbox telling you about the message requests.
  5. Click the blue bar.
  6. There will be another inbox along with some message requests.
  7. It may be from people you don’t follow.
  8. If you have chosen to allow, then only you can see their request.

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