Why is Microsoft Office better than OpenOffice and the Importance of Both Applications?

From the past few years, the Microsoft Office suite has become the leader in the market. But nowadays, the arrival of some new similar applications has paved the way for new brand names. In all of these, one of biggest competitors of Microsoft Office is OpenOffice, and it is available for use.

OpenOffice and Microsoft Office are offering the same package of Office products like- If you want a word processor, there’s Word and Writer, and if you’re going to make a spreadsheet, there’s Excel and Calc. If you’re going to make a slide presentation, there’s Powerpoint and Impress. So we can say, both are providing the same applications and functions. But the point is that, which one is best for the people? So we will discuss the differences between Microsoft Office and OpenOffice and which one of these is better to complete all type of tasks.

Free vs. Paid:

The most significant advantages of OpenOffice over Microsoft Office is that it’s a free program. It is a substantial benefit for businesses which want to save the money, especially for that money which is using for strategies to drive growth.  It makes more financial support to install a free Office package on your computer system which you have pay for a package installed.

However, both programs are offering the same functions. But although they have some similarities, both are different in work.


Please remember menu items aren’t accurately located at the same position. So, if someone migrating Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, there is a learning curve involved. After that, when you get the hang of it, everything else will flow smoothly. Mostly, the essential functions are the same, and if you can live with some features being different, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t want to use OpenOffice.


The most prominent advantage of OpenOffice software is that it gets updated frequently. However, Microsoft Office seems to have an advantage over OpenOffice software when it comes to creating tools for their Office package. Just example, Powerpoint has many types of effects for slideshows while Impress only has the basics. It means that you can be created more appealing and attractive slideshow presentations with Powerpoint.

OpenOffice’s database can’t compete with Access either. It is offering the data storage and retrieval, but it’s not as sophisticated as Access. This might make a user who is accustomed to Access disheartened by Base.

In short words, Word has the edge over Writer. Yes, both applications are capable of creating documents but trying to open a document in Writer which was created in Word will most likely result in messed up margins and formatting.

Microsoft Office provides flexibility and power, but OpenOffice includes cost-effectiveness. If you want to use the word processing or spreadsheets, then OpenOffice is doing a perfect job at it. However, if you want to get some advanced features and you have no issue with money about paying for the cost of it all, then Microsoft Office is a good investment. Now you have two different choices to get a perfect program.

We hope that, after reading this article, you will be able to decide the right program for your Home or Office computer system.

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