Microsoft Office Gets Threat Tracker Tool

Microsoft first announced the release of threat Tracker at Ignite in 2017. Now, according to the company Threat Tracker for Microsoft Office 365 Threat Intelligence is widely available to the users. A few days back, the company confirmed that the new threat Tracker tool is widely available. Users who have subscribed to the cloud productivity suite will be able to get threat Tracker via Exchange Online as well as SharePoint Online. This tool was created for Office 365 Threat Intelligence and it delivers tools for security tracking. For instance, one can receive insights into malware and phishing threats. Since Microsoft announced this tool at the Ignite conference a year ago, it has been in a preview.

Threat Tracker Categories

The noteworthy campaigns get classified as well-known and critical global threats. The Threat Intelligence for Office 365 pre-constructs Noteworthy Campaign monitors and enables the admins to promptly review the threat’s impact, assessing their volume as well as frequency. Therefore, this automatic monitoring feature lets the admins remediate swiftly from the threats. Noteworthy Campaign checks update every hour, revealing the current impact of the threats to your business. If you wish to see the detailed events which are detected by this filter, then you can click on Explore.

The Trending campaign view offers an active evaluation of email threats which are having an impact on your business’ MS Office 365 setup. This view reveals occupant stage malware trend, identifies malware families which are increasing, stable, or decreasing, thereby giving admins larger insight into which malware threats need additional attention. The new threats which are not observed lately in your business will show at the top of the page. It also provides a contrasting view of how the different threats impact the business. Admins can also investigate into targeted and currently trending attacks in Internet Explorer, where tasks like deleting or moving the malicious software to junk can be executed.

On one hand, the trending campaign view enables keeping a track on and assessing threats; on the other hand, queries are robust investigative views which allow admins to understand the threats deeply. You can access Queries from the campaign view. Just click on Explorer and this tracked threat campaign will display. Saved Queries offer a look into all of the Explorer searches which were saved as queries. If you wish to make added saved queries, then head to the Explorer, add filters to see certain sets of events and after that click on the Save Query button located at the top of the page.

Tracked queries offer periodic evaluations of malware, phishing, and other issues with the extent determined from Threat Explorer.  Tracked queries aid in monitoring objects regularly, presenting reports, enabling swift and in-depth evaluation of menaces or organizations.  Some tracked queries are provided to each business.  Admins can decide to transform saved queries and start tracing them with the edit option for such query.

The ‘Threat Trackers’ enhance the admin expertise, presenting a robust innovative mechanism for monitoring and managing examinations, which finally allows immediate response to perils.  With this new tool, Microsoft Office 365 Threat Intelligence equips admins to more efficiently and comfortably guard their business.

With the new feature “Threat Tracker, Office 365 has become more secure than ever. Office 365 not only increases the productivity but it also ensures data privacy and security. To get Microsoft Office, go to or

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