Microsoft is Boosting Office 365 Ransomware Protection

Microsoft is Boosting Office 365 Ransomware Protection

There is a good news for all the office 365 users around the globe. Those who have subscribed office 365 for home and personal use. Microsoft just announced several new features which solely focus on protecting your data from all kinds of ransomware and other online threats.

If you are quite new to office 365, you can then easily protect your lost files in a ransomware attack, or for any other reason. With this new Microsoft boost in,  you’ll now be able to restore your entire OneDrive to an earlier point. Talking about this new feature then it was previously only available on OneDrive for Business. Now, users with the personal accounts can also avail this features and they will also be able to restore the entire OneDrive to an earlier point.

In case, if any ransomware or threat is detected, you will soon get a notification or an email on mobile on which you will be guided through a recovery process where you’ll find the date and time of the attack. It makes the process simple and easy to use,” stated by the Office Corporate Vice President Kirk Koenigsbauer. He posted about this in one of his blog where.

Apart from this, Microsoft additionally plans to roll out enhanced email encryption capabilities within the coming weeks. If detects that user has got added a Social Safety quantity or one other piece of delicate info to an email, it could counsel that you just encrypt the message. Users can even view the encrypted email in They can even check it on the Home windows Mail app which is identical to another message.

They have further added another new option which is called Prevent Forwarding. As its name suggests, this new features will stop recipients from being able to forward or copy emails you send via

Later this year, links you click on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will “be checked in real-time. It is to determine if the website is likely to download any kind of malware onto your computer. It is to detect if the website you are accessing related to any phishing scam or not? If they detect anything fishing, you’ll be redirected to a warning screen advising you to not visit the site.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to protect shared OneDrive links with a password. Users will be accessible to avail this feature after this week as it will be added after few days. So, if your intended recipient accidentally forwards or shares the link, don’t worry as the new features will take care if that the person won’t access your file or folder without the password.

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