MacOS Mojave Comes with Microsoft Office 365 to the Mac this fall

Microsoft Office 365 comes with best-selling apps of Microsoft on just about any platform. However, iOS users can access the Microsoft Office suite; in this place, Mac users are not as lucky. With this coming year, it will change with the arrival of MacOS Mojave. Because of that, Mac users will get the same suite of apps such as- Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) those iOS users may enjoy.

Features of MacOS Mojave:

MacOS Mojave is the latest system update for MacBook users. It brings some new amazing features for the users. All are the given below.

1- Dark Mode:

Dark Mode allows you to get a black background on your computer screen and save the battery life.

2- Time-Shifting Matches Real Time:

The time-shifting feature will adjust the picture whether day or night depending on time. When you work in the afternoon, you will see your Mac background match real-time view where you are as snow, rain, etc. in the night, and your desktop will automatically reflect nighttime. It is a feature of Mac user, although you need to check your Mac’s battery life.

3- Coordinate the Files with Stacks:

This MacOS Mojave feature will help you to clean up cluttered desktops. Working on a computer system and desktop can be a nightmare after completing the work. Users have to search for a specific name or keyword to bring up the file which one they want. With the help of Stacks feature, you can organize files as per your comfort as Images, Documents, PDFs, Photos, etc. Stacks will guide you to coordinates your data so you will be able to get all files than before. So, you no need to remember the file name to find what you want.

4- Edit Files and Share without Opening them with Quick Look:

MacOS Mojave comes with Quick Actions feature. You will able to do complete big tasks in a short time. With the Quick feature will allow the Apple users to edit, trim, and share files from Quick Look without opening those files. In short, you will no need to open any apps to get work done.

Also, you will able t0 mark up images, crop images to the ideal size, and share via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop.

5- Screenshots and Screen Recording:

If you want to take the screenshots or would like to screen record their work, Apple is offering an easy settings menu in MacOS Mojave. This menu comes with screenshot and screen recording tools. So, you no need to concern yourself with pulling out your phone or using a screen recording app at the Mac App Store. It is also helpful for that user who wants to save the space on their Mac system. You can share a screenshot after marking it up without keeping it in your files.

6- iPhone Photos Automatically Appear on the Mac:

In the MacOS Mojave, when you click a photo with your iPhone, it will automatically show on your MacBook. Apple wants you to see the seamless integration of all its devices and how they work well together.

Your iphone receipts and documents can be scanned, and all will appear on the Mac.

7- FaceTime supports 32 people:

Apple comes with 32-person FaceTime chat support for the iOS 12 users. In its efforts to make Mac more like iOS than ever, Apple has also brought 32-person FaceTime chat support for the Mac user.

Some Other New Features:

News, Stocks, Home, Voice Memos, Favicons, Siri integration with HomeKit, Added Language Support.

There are some other features which include in Mojave such as- newly-redesigned News, Stocks, Home apps. Voice Memos gets a redesign as well and lands on iOS 12 for the new user of iOS. Favicons are able you to tabs at a glance, emoji for Mail, Siri integration with HomeKit devices, and it is added language support for some of the other countries such as- UK English, Australian English, Canadian French, and Traditional Hong Kong Chinese round out the new features coming to the Mac. It is also true, and Apple comes with same comment button and widget tracking protections for the Mac system which is released for iOS 12.

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