How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”?

Different type of email services are growing day by day. In all of these one is Microsoft Outlook mail service also. It’s a renowned and a most usable email service. Most of the users are using it for the various purpose like private, education and business. But still, as we know in every service we face some issues or error. In all one is Microsoft Outlook Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”? It occurs when we open our Microsoft outlook account,  you will find this error on the computer screen. It’s an outlook email service error. So today we will discuss to resolve this error by some easy steps.

Symptoms of Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”? On your outlook email service.

When you open the Microsoft Outlook email account, you will find the following error:

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.”

  • Opening Outlook in SAFE mode
  • During the repair or registry outlook account.
  • During reinstalling the Microsoft Outlook program.

Steps to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”?

With the using of some mentioned steps, we can resolve the Microsoft Outlook Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”?. So please follow these given steps to make easy your email service. all These steps verified by the Outlook technicians, so use it without any doubt.

  • To solve this error, run the exe /ResetNavPane command:
  • First, press the Windows key and the R key both at the same time by using your two fingers.
  • Now you find the Run command window will open
  • Now open the Outlook dialog box.
  • Now Copy exe /ResetNavPane .
  • Now enter the copied text into the dialog box.
  • Now click ok to run the command.
  • You will find command is starting the remove the previous folders and regenerate the new favorite folders and shortcuts by using Navigation Pane.
  • Now restart your computer.
  • Check and log in again into your Microsoft outlook account.
  • Wait until, the process is being finishes.
  • Now you are ready to use you Outlook Service

If you find the issue is doing trouble again so need to frustrated with it then connect with Microsoft Outlook Consumer Helpline number.

For Outlook Support, Meet with Outlook Customer Support.

As we know the Microsoft outlook service is amazing in the work performed. But still, it’s a technical service and sometimes we face some issues with it. So now you have a straight way to release with this situation. You can make a direct call to the outlook toll-free number. The outlook technician will pick your call. Now, tell him/her your all issues or queries. Outlook experts make sure that a user is not facing any kind of error. By dialing their number, they will provide you a instant support. You can connect them also to live chat or via call. So, for more convenience with the Outlook email work, get an assistance from outlook customer support.

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